Six Will Qualify For Chess Event: Fischer, Plus Score by Halfway Mark

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New York Times, New York, New York, Sunday, August 31, 1958 - Page 136

Six Will Qualify For Chess Event
Conditions Are Modified for Challengers' Tourney to Be Held in 1959

Instead of the five of the twenty-one players engaged in the interzonal tournament at Portoroz advancing into the challengers' tournament next year, six will qualify, according to the latest news received from the meeting of the International Chess Federation at Dubrovnik in Yugoslavia.
William Lombardy of New York, the world junior champion, who has been acting as second to the United States champion, Bobby Fischer, at Portoroz, is the authority for this information. He took time off to represent the United States at the meeting in Dubrovnik.
Mrs. Violet Pavey of Brooklyn, widow of the late Max Pavey, yesterday confirmed the appointment of Lombardy as U.S. delegate. When informed of the change in the conditions of qualifying at Portoroz, she said it would favor the chances of Fischer to finish among the first six.
In the meantime, Fischer has been holding his own at Portoroz, where he had made a plus score by the time the halfway mark was reached.
Additional specimens of his play have arrived here and are included in the following selection received here from Yugoslavia:

Six Will Qualify For Chess Event: Conditions Are Modified for Challengers' Tourney to Be Held in 1959

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