Sports Of Two Continents

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The Ottawa Citizen Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Monday, November 03, 1958 - Page 6

Sports Of Two Continents
Over in Yugoslavia, and throughout Europe for that matter, the name of Mickey Mantle means nothing. But the name of Bobby Fischer means much to a good many people. Even in his own United States 15-year-old Bobby Fischer, now a grand master of chess, isn't a figure of renown, certainly not like the master swatter of baseballs. Of course, the New York Yankees have never performed in Yugoslavia, whereas Grand Master Fischer has, to the amazement of all. His latest accolades were bestowed at the recent international chess tournament held in that country.
This is not to suggest that Europeans are absorbed in chess to the exclusion of other amusements. But there are a number of sports in which they have little or no interest. Baseball is one of these, and football as generally understood in both the United States and Canada is another. In this respect there is a profound gulf between the two continents in a sports sense. Soccer and track and field sports are trans-Atlantic in scope; so nowadays is ice hockey. Skiing, swimming, tennis and golf are also popular in both continents.
But the great mass spectator sports in the United States remain football and baseball, to which Europeans continue indifferent. And since soccer has now become the most widely distributed of all sports throughout the world, it would seem that in some major sporting respects the U.S. (like Canada) dwells in relative isolation.
So far as Canada is concerned, however, the post-war influx of immigrants from Europe may be changing this situation, for they have begun to stimulate interest here in the game of soccer. And perhaps chess as well. All this should do no harm to the cause of international understanding.

Sports Of Two Continents

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The actual truth about Bobby Fischer's political views…

Bobby Fischer Gives “Peace Sign” in 1958 and the Peace Movement Calling for Nuclear Disarmament

Bobby Fischer in 1958 and the Peace Movement Calling for Nuclear Disarmament

Bobby was leftist-leaning, like his mother, Regina Fischer who went on a “Peace March” to Moscow in 1961 to put pressure on the Khrushchevs and U.S.S.R. toward disarmament.

(Readers' Digest) The Dark, Untold Story About the Peace Sign
“It originated as a symbol used by the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC). An artist, Gerald Holtom, was on the groups' board, and as a well-known designer, stepped up to create a symbol that would have not only a visual but also a political impact. The symbol was first displayed during a protest march that took place on Easter weekend of 1958. Protesters marched 52 miles from London to Aldermaston in Berkshire, which is the site of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment to protest the use of nuclear weapons in war. This march was organized by the DAC and it was the first wide spread public display of the peace sign.”

Bobby's views never strayed far from his roots. The collage above, mentions BERTRAND RUSSELL, who was responsible for putting the peace signs on the 1958 banners and buttons of the activists. BERTRAND RUSSELL held strong views opposing the Apartheid of Israel. Just as Bobby did. Bobby never abandoned his leftist-leaning roots which he learned from Regina Fischer. He loathed Fascism.

Bertrand Russell on Zionism and Apartheid

Bertrand Russell and Chess

Many of the younger generation would not recognize the name of Bertrand Russell that I mentioned here yesterday, who was...

Posted by Bobby Fischer's True History on Saturday, October 19, 2019
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