Bobby Fischer, “Dangerous Antagonist” at 13 Years Old

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San Antonio Express, San Antonio, Texas, Sunday, October 05, 1958 - Page 84

“…Take the case of Fischer. In 1956 he placed 8th in the U.S. Open and then won the same tournament in 1957. A big jump. He tied for 5th and 6th in the Interzonal. A bigger jump; this time international scalps were added to his belt. Perhaps the next hurdle will be a little too high, but the damage he may inflict against the Russian contingent might prove their undoing.
Here follows a game by Fischer against Kenneth Smith of Dallas which shows that Fischer (then about 13) was a dangerous antagonist twenty-four months ago.”

(a) White plays for quick development event at the cost of losing bishop for knight.
(b) Applying pressure on Black's K6 and hoping for 13 … P-K4?; 14. N-B3!
(c) A clever parry. 14. PxP, NxN; 15. PxPch, RxP wins.
(d) 19…P-Q5!? is tricky - 20. QxP, KR-Q; 21 Q-B2; R-Q7; with pressure. The text threatens 20 … PxP; 21 BxP?, RxNP!; 22. RxR, QxN and 23 … B-K6.
(e) P-QN3, P-Q6! A tactical flurry follows now which affects most of the minor pieces.
(f) It is difficult for Black to escape from the N-B4 discovery on his rook, which simultaneously threatens to trade knight for bishop. Play has been forced for Black for several moves. 24…R-N5 may have been faulty.
(g) The remainder of the game is handled well by both sides. Black can not make use of his extra pawn in the end game.
(h) A draw was agreed to after a few more moves.

Bobby Fischer, “Dangerous Antagonist” at 13 Years Old

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The actual truth about Bobby Fischer's political views…

Bobby Fischer Gives “Peace Sign” in 1958 and the Peace Movement Calling for Nuclear Disarmament

Bobby Fischer in 1958 and the Peace Movement Calling for Nuclear Disarmament

Bobby was leftist-leaning, like his mother, Regina Fischer who went on a “Peace March” to Moscow in 1961 to put pressure on the Khrushchevs and U.S.S.R. toward disarmament.

(Readers' Digest) The Dark, Untold Story About the Peace Sign
“It originated as a symbol used by the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC). An artist, Gerald Holtom, was on the groups' board, and as a well-known designer, stepped up to create a symbol that would have not only a visual but also a political impact. The symbol was first displayed during a protest march that took place on Easter weekend of 1958. Protesters marched 52 miles from London to Aldermaston in Berkshire, which is the site of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment to protest the use of nuclear weapons in war. This march was organized by the DAC and it was the first wide spread public display of the peace sign.”

Bobby's views never strayed far from his roots. The collage above, mentions BERTRAND RUSSELL, who was responsible for putting the peace signs on the 1958 banners and buttons of the activists. BERTRAND RUSSELL held strong views opposing the Apartheid of Israel. Just as Bobby did. Bobby never abandoned his leftist-leaning roots which he learned from Regina Fischer. He loathed Fascism.

Bertrand Russell on Zionism and Apartheid

Bertrand Russell and Chess

Many of the younger generation would not recognize the name of Bertrand Russell that I mentioned here yesterday, who was...

Posted by Bobby Fischer's True History on Saturday, October 19, 2019
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